At Wintrust, we put our customers first. We’re dedicated to empowering our customers with the best tools and services possible, which includes providing alternative ways to access our offerings for those with disabilities. We are continually working to improve our solutions to ensure accessibility and usability for all.

We are dedicated to ensuring our locations are accessible to all customers, and we are continually applying the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards to our branches. All locations offer level entries to accommodate those with disabilities, as well as wheelchair-level desks. We also allow service animals in all locations. With reasonable advance notice, we will provide qualified interpreters to assist clients who are deaf, blind, or hard of hearing.

Many of our locations also feature wheelchair-accessible ramps, accessible restrooms and parking spaces, automatic doors, elevators, drive-up windows, and more. For more information about accessibility offerings at a specific location, please contact the branch directly.

ATM services

Height and reach
All walk-up ATMs are positioned at the proper height and reach to ensure wheelchair accessibility.

Braille and audio assistance
ATMs offer Braille instructions to enable audio assistance and headphone jacks to ensure privacy.

Screens and keypad
ATMs have touch-tone keypads and bright, contrasting screens with pulsating lights to make instructions easier to read.