Affordable Father’s Day gifts for 4 different types of dads

Affordable Father’s Day gifts for 4 different types of dads

Affordable Father’s Day gifts for 4 different types of dads

Affordable Father’s Day gifts for 4 different types of dads


Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t gotten your dad a present yet, you might be struggling to find the perfect gift. After all, what do you get the man who has served as your best friend, advisor, and a shoulder to cry on?

The truth is, all dads are different. And, while a sentimental gift will always tug at the heartstrings, we’ve got some ideas for four specific type of dads.

If your dad falls into one of these categories, hopefully we can help you find the perfect gift.

The handyman
Let’s be honest: most dads are more Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor than Bob Vila. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t need power tools, yard toys, or something else to tinker with during the weekend.

Regardless of your dad’s level of handiness, most handymen agree you can never have enough tools. These can vary from your basics, like hammers and screwdrivers, to ones with more power, like a miter or reciprocating saw.

If your dad is more landscaper than mechanic, consider battery-powered weed trimmers or leaf blowers.

The outdoorsman
Camping has become increasingly popular throughout the last few years. Whether your dad is an experienced camper, new to hiking, or wants to take up fishing, there’s no shortage of accessories for these activities.

Like with most hobbies, all of these trinkets can be expensive. But, there are plenty of cheap options for those who can’t afford to break the bank. Think canteens, flashlights, backpacks, or fishing lures. Other more expensive ideas include new hiking boots, a sleeping bag, or a new fishing pole that will help dad catch “the big one.”

The golfer
Similar to outdoor enthusiasts, golfers have plenty of accessories to choose from. Range finders have continued to increase in popularity and have various price points. Of course, depending on how skilled your dad is, he probably always needs another dozen golf balls. But, make sure you get his favorite brand, as many low handicappers are particular about which type of ball they use.

If you also enjoy golfing, consider taking dad out for a round with just the two of you. Father’s Day is often a busy day on the golf course, so don’t be afraid to mention the idea to dad on Father’s Day but schedule the outing in the next week or two, which could lead to more quality time.

The grill master
“Best Dad Ever” grilling aprons are still a hit, but how many dads actually wear aprons while grilling? Grilling utensils are a must for all grillers. And, depending on how often your family grills, they should be updated after a couple of years. Many utensils are also available with team logos on them, so depending on your dad’s allegiance, he can support the Cubs or the White Sox while grilling.

And, don’t forget about the food itself. There’s a subscription box for seemingly everything these days, so consider signing dad up for a meat of the month club, or look for subscriptions for sauces or spices.

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